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Driving Passion and Community Together

At Amelia Cruizers, we're proud to partner with a diverse range of sponsors who share our passion for antique, classic, and special interest vehicles. Their support fuels our events like the 8-Flags Car Show, Monthly Cruise-Ins, and the 'Best of Fernandina' Raffle, helping us give back to our selected charities, the community, and promote automotive enthusiasm.

Why Partner with Amelia Cruizers?

Sponsorship of a local event or organization like the Amelia Cruizers Car Club offers several key advantages for a business, each of which represents a great investment in terms of both tangible and intangible returns:


HOW: By sponsoring the club, a business contributes to local charities and non-profits supported by the club. This is typically done through financial support, in-kind contributions, or collaborative efforts in organizing events.

WHY it's a great investment: This demonstrates corporate social responsibility, enhancing the company's image as a community-minded business. It can lead to increased customer loyalty and brand trust, as consumers often prefer companies that actively contribute to their communities.


HOW: Sponsorship puts a business's name and logo in front of a targeted audience, not just at events but also on promotional materials, the club's website, and social media channels.

WHY It's a Great Investment: Increased visibility in a relevant market segment can significantly boost brand awareness and recognition. This can translate to direct business opportunities, as enthusiasts and community members are more likely to patronize a brand that supports their interests.


HOW: At car club events, businesses have the chance to engage directly with attendees, which may include potential customers, other local businesses, and media representatives. This could be through booths, product displays, interactive activities, or networking.

WHY It's a Great Investment: This direct engagement allows for personal connections with potential customers, fostering relationships and trust in a way that impersonal advertising cannot. It also provides an opportunity to gather valuable feedback and insights directly from consumers.


HOW: The sponsorship helps in preserving and promoting the heritage of antique and classic vehicles, a niche but passionate domain.

WHY It's a Great Investment: Supporting cultural and heritage projects enhances a company's image as a protector and promoter of local culture and history. This can resonate strongly not just with car enthusiasts but also with the wider community who values preservation of their local heritage. It positions the business as an integral part of the local identity and history of Amelia Island and Fernandina Beach, Florida.

In summary, investing in a sponsorship with Amelia Cruizers Car Club offers businesses a unique blend of marketing, networking, and community engagement opportunities, all while reinforcing a positive brand image. This can lead to both immediate business benefits and long-term goodwill in Fernandina Beach, Amelia Island, and surrounding areas.

Join Our Sponsorship Family

Interested in becoming a sponsor? We offer various sponsorship levels, each with its unique benefits for your organization. Partner with us and drive forward both your business and our community-focused mission.

For more details, contact:

By Phone: 1-888-897-CLUB (2582)
Via Email: [email protected]

In person: Speak with us at any of our events

Together, we cruise towards a better community. Thank you for your support!

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We extend our heartfelt thanks to our sponsors. Your support makes our events and community outreach possible.

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