About Our Supported Charities and Funds Disbursement

1. Justin Hess Scholarship Foundation
In 1998 the Amelia Cruizers Founding Members created the Justin Hess Scholarship Foundation.

The Amelia Cruizers have provided two (2) $2,000 scholarships for the past 24 years to Fernandina Beach High School students totaling over $96,000 as of 2022 through the proceeds from the Annual 8-Flags Car Show. Students must apply for this scholarship by submitting an essay describing how the scholarship funds will benefit their lives, describing in detail their Degree and Career paths and their long term life plans.  Fernandina Beach High School lists the Amelia Cruizers as a Scholarship donor in this document, but don't always list us on their website until the Justin Hess Scholarship Board members contact the school with the amounts and number of scholarships for the current school year. 

Those Founding (Charter) Members and current Club Members host an event annually on what is usually the third Saturday of October each year (as approved by the City of Fernandina Beach Florida). During this event the Amelia Cruizers hosts the 8-Flags Car Show held on historic Centre Street.  The main purpose of this car show in the early years were to support the Justin Hess Scholarship Foundation.  As popularity of this show has grown through the years we were able to support other charities throughout the local community. 

2.  Our Additional Charities and their website links:

 3.  Here was the charity payouts for 2021 Donation disbursement as voted upon:   
  $2500 - Micah’s Place
  $2000 - Justin Hess Foundation (Additional $2000.00 provided by Gary Marlow) 
  $2000 - $1000 Start ups
  $1500 - Council on Aging
  $1000 - Elm Street Sportsman Association 
  $750 + toy drive - Joy to the Children
  $500 - ARC Nassau